Is home protection worth the cost?
As with all insurances, property insurance does not reduce the risk of damage to your home. There is nothing monthly premiums paid can do to stop a fire, flooding or theft, but it can certainly help by putting you in a better financial position to deal with the aftermath... Read more
Left to pick up the pieces
  THE CURSE OF ERRANT CONTRACTORS BY Prisca Teh Leonard Lin (not his real name) was exultant when he secured a double-storey terrace in Sri Petaling. It was ideal because it gave him easy access to his workplace and was located near his parents and his wife’s business. Though... Read more
Napic confirms bumpy  ride ahead for market
 The National Property Information Centre (Napic), which tracks historical transactional data to foresee market trajectory, released its Property Market Report 2015 this week, reinforcing the general consensus that 2016 will be a challenging year for the sector. Overall, Napic said that transactions slowed by 5.7 per cent compared to... Read more
Living at the peak
BY Roznah Abdul Jabbar One of the best things about living in a high-rise is to be able to enjoy a topdown view, especially if you are positioned in the tallest building at the highest point in the vicinity. Such is the advantage offered by Sunway Gandaria, the mixed... Read more
A decade later… still  unresolved?
  By Gunaprasath Bupalan Concepts of gated communities differ from country to country, in terms of characteristics and particularly in terms of purpose; be it security, culture and prestige. In this modern era, gated projects appear in many countries and it generates much interest (and sometimes concern) among the... Read more
Fomca: NUBE’s interest-free loan proposal should be emulated
  The Federation of Malaysian Consumers  Associations (Fomca) has not only backed the National Union of Bank Employees’ (NUBE) plan of interest-free housing loans for its members in the middle- and lower-income segments, it also urges other industries in the private sector to follow suit. According to Bernama, Fomca... Read more
Private sector partnerships the way forward
In addressing the urgent need for affordable housing, the government will be putting greater emphasis on forming partnerships with private developers, said Deputy Minister of Federal Territories Datuk Dr Loga Bala Mohan. This could be achieved via two fresh government-backed initiatives, Rumah Mampu Milik Wilayah Persekutuan (RUMAWIP) and Perumahan... Read more
Ease conditions for first-time buyers
Penang State Housing Committee chairman Jagdeep Singh Deo has urged Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) to consider giving flexibility to first-time home buyers in repaying bank loans. He said banks should lower the amount of monthly installments for them during the first few years saying the repayment amount can be... Read more
BY Pavither Sidhu Home-grown interior specialists are stepping up their creativity in conceiving interpretations of modern contemporary designs that appeal to a range of buyer profiles. Fashioned by Metrics Global Sdn Bhd’s team of young designers, these local specialists with unconventional design approaches provided a glimpse of exemplary opulence... Read more
Westside III built  for high living
  By Pavither Sidhu Home buyers have flocked to be part of Desa ParkCity due to its many appeals. For one, it is almost like a gated-and-guarded mini-city within a city because of its excellent infrastructure management, stringent security checks, a beautiful and scenic lake, as well as premium... Read more