How do venues survive Ramadan?
There may be a loss of daytime business across various industries as the holiest month of the Islamic calendar is upon us. The working day is reduced, many food and beverage (F&B) venues are closed during the day, but stay open later than usual to make up for the... Read more
Ticking time bomb Down Under
RISING HOUSEHOLD DEBT POISED TO HURT, WHILE HOUSE PRICES ARE BEING CITED AS BEING ‘DANGEROUSLY DUMB’   BY Chris Prasad Australians have reportedly borrowed up a storm and are now racking up extreme levels of debt to buy homes in a landscape that already houses some of the world’s... Read more
Tiny roundabout a big deal for PJ folk
(picture credit: Blink and you might miss it. If you’re in a rush, you may even drive straight over it, thinking you’ve run over a poorly constructed and ill-placed speed bump. Located at the far end of Jalan 222 in Petaling Jaya, at the intersection of Jalan 229,... Read more