Modern businesses keen on Golden Gateway Modern businesses keen on Golden Gateway




BY Chris Prasad

The ever-expanding influence of online technology in our lives is beginning to have a remarkable impact on we chose to engage with product and services today.

For one, the convenience of the Internet is fundamentally changing the relationship between manufacturers and the end-buyer, providing a direct link that removes the need for middle-men and fostering a direct relationship that results in much-needed cost efficiencies in an increasingly expensive world.

As such, modern manufacturing businesses are adopting a more corporate look and feel, sprucing up their operations to take on a more visible image, while at the same time requiring operating solutions that satisfy manufacturing, storage, distribution, and now, even showroom needs.

Contemporary industrial business operators are paying close attention to flexible business solutions offered at Golden Gateway.

In Malaysia, this trend is expanding at a rapid pace, and so it comes as no surprise that contemporary industrial business operators are paying close attention to an opportunity that has emerged in the industrial hotspot of Batu Kawan in Penang.

Here, a vibrant new breed of industrial businesses are showing enthusiasm for a forward-thinking RM155 million medium industrial development called Golden Gateway, which has lured interest with its strategic location, attractive designs and 4-in-1 business solution concept that addresses  a flexible range of business needs.

Driven by the company’s C.A.R.E ethos, the project is now garnering healthy interest, says Ng.

Recently launched, the project has already sold more than 40% of the semi-detached and detached units available at the site, situated on 21 acres of freehold land along Jalan Perusahaan Valdor in the industrial hub of Batu Kawan and close to the Penang Second Bridge.

Developed by Golden Land Berhad, Golden Gateway is also the main-board listed plantation company’s maiden foray into property development, proving that the expansion of its core values of being Committed to quality and services, Attentive to details, Reliable to the community, Engaging to everyone is paying dividends in this new frontier.

“These values can easily and appropriately be abbreviated to spell C.A.R.E, which is a central theme in our development outlook: To apply Great Care in All We Do,” explained Ng Heng Phai, who is the Chief Operating Officer of Golden Land Property Division.

“In the context of Golden Gateway, particular care was put into the choice of location, the quality of the overall structure and design, and the business solutions we have provided under our 4-in-1 concept. We are extremely pleased that these have now combined to result in strong appreciation from the buying public,” he said.

Ng explained that Golden Gateway’s multi-functional design offers a retail-style frontage, a well-manicured corporate ambience and a unique business model that provides a seamless solution for modern, traditional and e-business needs that complements a rapidly changing business environment.

The 4-in-1 concept accommodates production activity with column-free triple-volume space to cater to production and processing needs, as well as provides sufficient warehouse storage space for logistics and inventory requirements. Units can also accommodate showrooms with ample display space and large glass windows to ensure products are highly-visible from the exterior, while a dedicated office space creates a proper and comfortable working ambience.

“These elements serve four important purposes, which are ‘Supply, Store, Show and Sell’. In terms of visibility, every unit will enjoy a commercially attractive façade, with direct visibility from the main road and convenient immediate accessibility,” Ng said.

Additionally, the broadband-ready units appeal to a new generation of businesses which market products directly to customers via online platforms but require a corporate frontage, ample storage space and facilities that service packaging and distribution needs.

The Semi-D units come in built-up sizes that range between 5,500sq ft and 7,000sq ft, with land area of 8,800sq ft to 14,000 sqft. There are also just two plots of detached available and these are sized at 5,800sq ft and 8,000sq ft with land areas of 12,300sq ft and 17,900sq ft.

Priced from RM2.8 million onwards, each unit also comes rich with features that reflect Golden Land’s commitment to building quality property developments with functional and practical designs.

This includes a 5.1m high clearance for the front entrance; efficient and effective spatial planning with column-free design to suit multiple uses; generous triple volume ceiling height to cater to storage and machinery purpose; reinforced floor loading up to 0.75 tonnes/7.5kN per sqm to satisfy light and medium industry needs; and sufficient power of 150amp to effectively support production processes.

“In addition to this, the strategic location of the project too has played a big part in garnering interest. Apart from being very close to the vibrant industrial activity at the established Batu Kawan Industrial Park, our proximity to Penang Island via the Penang Second Bridge and convenient link to a toll-free route to the island via the Nibong Tebal /Jawi access represent a cost-saving opportunity for many businesses,” Ng said.

Golden Gateway’s multi-functional design provides a seamless solution for modern, traditional and e-business needs.

He added that Batu Kawan has received much attention as an industrial hotpot in the north of the country over the past few years, but rapid commercial growth, a population influx and the promise of regional leisure attractions have now brought an expanded vision for the flourishing township. The vicinity is now seeing an infusion of malls, residential projects, universities, hospitals, resorts, many new mixed development concepts and theme parks.

“Given this, we believe that Golden Gateway is both a timely and necessary addition to this exciting landscape… one that is very much in line with the commercial enrichment of the area,” he said.

Having recently expanded into property development, Ng said Golden Land aims to bring the same care and commitment to nurturing growth that has given it 36 years of amazing success in the plantation industry.

As such, as its maiden project, Golden Gateway’s positive impact on the property landscape is important because it is the first representation of the company’s commitment to creating products that speak of long-term value and relevance for buyers, as well as an attractive business proposition.

Rapid growth, a population influx and regional leisure attractions have now brought an expanded vision for the flourishing Batu Kawan township.

“Details very much matter to Golden Land and this is in line with our C.A.R.E ethos. It is a philosophy that ensures particular care is given to design, build quality and execution so that every project provides a conducive environment for those who engage with it, as well as makes an important contribution to the greater surrounding community,” explained Ng.

He added that Golden Gateway is the first of two projects Golden Land will be rolling out this year, with a combined estimated GDV of RM400 million.

The next, which will be unveiled soon, is a residential project located in the Klang Valley with units priced from about RM500,000.

“Moving forward, we want to bring a fresh, engaging and meaningful approach to the development landscape, but we also want our brand to be known for the simple integrity of our purpose… and that is to be a caring property developer for our community,” said Ng.


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