Property360Online is a real estate news website that focuses on current
affairs, market analysis, reviews and opinions that shape the development and construction landscape.

As the name suggests, we endeavour to provide content that offers readers a full perspective of the real estate market – from every angle – so that property investors, buyers and professionals within the industry are well-informed about the macro and micro economic implications of developing news. Our aim is to put consumers and industry professionals in a better position to make informed decisions.

Established in Malaysia, we have since widened our scope to include regional news and perspectives in light of a rapidly interconnecting global economy and robust appetite for cross border investment.

Managed and operated by Real Optimist Sdn Bhd, Property360Online prides itself on being built on a foundation of true journalism, putting objective reporting above commercial aims and goals. Our work is the combined effort of veteran journalists that have served on the frontline at mainstream news institutions, bringing together decades of experience in lifestyle, business and, of course, property reporting.

We strive to bring professional, credible and impactful content to this new and vibrant era of digital readership.


Real Optimist Sdn Bhd is a media strategist and content provider that specialises in travel, lifestyle and business literature. In addition to our independently owned digital publications, the company engages in long and short-term projects with private entities to design and execute communication strategies that maximise impact with media outlets and/or targeted consumers.

We also offer corporate training on how to effectively manage media publicity and establish long-term positive relationships with news outlets.