Benchmark of urban growth: Bandar Sri Sendayan Benchmark of urban growth: Bandar Sri Sendayan
Share this on WhatsAppBY Chris Prasad The Klang Valley’s inexorable southern growth trajectory has given rise to numerous real estate opportunities along a vibrant... Benchmark of urban growth: Bandar Sri Sendayan

BY Chris Prasad

The Klang Valley’s inexorable southern growth trajectory has given rise to numerous real estate opportunities along a vibrant corridor that is destined to seamlessly connect the nation’s capital with the state capital of Negeri Sembilan.

Commonly known as the Greater Klang Valley growth region, rapid conurbation along this stretch not only promises to provide a solution to the ever-expanding demand for homes in the Klang Valley, but it also gives rise to fresh commercial and industrial potential within the country’s most lucrative economic focal point.

 The success of BSS sets the standard for future townships along the Southern Klang Valley corridor.

The success of BSS sets the standard for future townships along the Southern Klang Valley corridor.

Poised to reap the greatest benefits from this region are those who have had the foresight to venture into this opportunity early. And, even more so, those who have endeavoured to create a “total package”, offering buyers and investors a complete picture in terms of lifestyle, commercial viability and future value prospects.

One such pioneer is Matrix Concepts Holdings Bhd (MCHB), the development firm behind the successful Bandar Sri Sendayan (BSS) township which has rapidly matured since its inception in 2006. Optimising its strategic and convenient location to create a hub that satisfies real estate demand on numerous fronts, BSS now boasts a population of 15,000 and is quickly evolving into a self-sustained community.


Comprising residential, commercial, institutional, high-tech industrial, agricultural and leisure components, BSS took a holistic approach to township creation from the very onset. Today, this is reaping benefits by way of increased interest from commercial and institutional property seekers as well as homebuyers.

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“The vision for BSS has always been closely knit with the overall company vision, which is to create a benchmark via nurturing environments and enriching lives by being a caring community builder,” said MCHB corporate communication, public relations and investor relations manager, Yap Woon How.

“Our BSS township planning has always been about sustainability, where residents not only live in homes that are built with them in mind, but can also enjoy great value and practicality.”

Drawing parallels to the emergence of Damansara as an autonomous, high-value community within KL, Yap said that BSS is on a similar path – earning the pet-moniker of “Damansara of Seremban”.


Conveniently connected

A vital catalyst to BSS’ healthy growth is its strategic location. Situated just 15km from Seremban, the township is also directly connected to the KL city centre, Putrajaya, the KL International Airport and Port Klang via the North-South Expressway, Lekas Highway, Seremban-Port Dickson Highway and the upcoming Peroi-Senawang-KLIA Expressway.


This makes BSS an attractive option for businesses that value convenient connectivity and good logistics. Homeseekers too see advantage in this, as it offers an opportunity to live away from the city and yet be close enough to work there.

Furthermore, with Seremban being earmarked as one of the stops under the government’s proposed High Speed Rail project, BSS is poised to profit from increased traffic and business activity, which will further enhance the township’s growth and economic stature.



Nurturing the future

Central to MCHB’s integrated township ideology is the strong presence of educational institutions and facilities. This not only provides value generating potential for surrounding residential units, but also attracts a sizeable amount of commercial activity into the area and nurtures a future workforce for the local economy.


“Our concept of an integrated township brings choice in terms of educational opportunity, be it well-equipped public schools within BSS or through our full campus Matrix Global Schools that provide quality private and international education,” Yap said.

Ideally located in the heart of the township, Matrix Global Schools provide education facilities that span from the pre-school level to secondary education, with a choice of either a private national or international syllabus.

This is, in fact, a key attraction as the schools come with extensive facilities that include football and rugby fields, a sports complex, libraries, laboratories, and student and staff accommodation among others.

Public schooling institutions currently include SMK Taman Nusari and SJK (C) Bandar Sri Sendayan.



Homing in on demand

With well-established educational facilities and urban infrastructure in place, it comes as little surprise that homeseekers, especially those with families, are seeing the residences at BSS as very viable options.

Particularly enchanted are those who seek respite from the hustle and bustle of the city within healthier surroundings which offer facilities and amenities that cater to a family’s respective needs. In addition to this, BSS offers the added advantage of not being isolated with instant connectivity to more amenities located in Seremban and easy access to major urban centres in and around KL.


The current residential population of 15,000 is only a portion of the expected 120,000 overall population the township is projected to hit over the next 10 years.

Already catering to this expansion have been a host of residential launches, including the Elymus 1 double-storey semi-detached homes and Suriaman 3 double-storey superlink homes that were launched last year.

The Elymus 1 semi-dees – offering high security, open practical layouts and courtyards – come in built-ups starting from 4,415sq ft and are priced from RM1.3 million. The Suriaman 3 superlinks – with spacious interiors, built-in thermal reflective insulation and neighbourhood security fencing – come in built-ups starting from 2,766sq ft, priced from RM563,888.

More high-quality residential offerings are in the pipeline for this year, including 272 units of double-storey terraces from phase two of the existing Hijayu 3 residential enclave. According to MCHB, these were launched within the last quarter along with another 232 units of double-storey terraces from the Suriaman 2B phase.


Also in the offing are another 137 double-storey semi-dees and 361 double-storey terraces within the Hijayu Resort Homes enclave, which are due to be launched by the fourth quarter of this year.


Lifestyle appeal

Prioritising the overall wellbeing of residents, the masterplan of BSS includes the copious provision of greenery and a number of lifestyle and entertainment options.

Notably, more than 20 per cent of the entire development is dedicated to orchards, neighbourhood gardens and a 26-acre Sendayan Green Park, all of which combine to provide the modern township with a healthy green lung.

Individual residential hubs will also enjoy nearby pockets of greenery and lifestyle amenities. For example, to boost the resort home feel of the development, secured precincts feature green pavilions, lush landscaping, linear parks, skate parks, pocket gardens, walking and cycling paths as well as lakeside picnic areas.

The township also boasts the d’Tempat Country Club, a lifestyle focal point that offers an Olympic-sized swimming pool; badminton, tennis and squash courts; 10-lane bowling alley; gymnasium; and children’s water play station.

The club also caters to conventions, exhibitions and functions as it is equipped with a banquet hall as well as restaurants and cafes.



Driving commerce

More lifestyle appeal is expected to be injected into BSS once the 11-acre Icon Park integrated commercial centre is fully developed. This is envisioned to be the central business district of the entire township, accommodating a lifestyle mall, a host of retail and business component and medical facilities.

Serving a catchment beyond the perimeters of the city, Icon Park will likely draw visitors from surrounding townships and further enhance commercial businesses located there.

Currently, Sendayan Merchant Square serves as the neighbourhood’s premier commercial hub, successfully attracting a number of service-based and F&B businesses to the area. The 100-acre central business hub is the host of the d’Tempat Country Club and Matrix Global Schools, in addition to boutique retail and dining outlets as well as the Matrix Tower.

According to MCHB, this quarter will see the launch of another 38 units of two-storey shop offices and three units of commercial lots.

“Another commercial hotspot, Sendayan Metro Park, will also soon release 132 units of two-storey shop offices over the next two quarters,” said Yap.

Perhaps the biggest economic driver of BSS is its 1,000-acre Sendayan TechValley (STV), a modern technology park that focuses on sustainability, renewable resources, new technology, advanced communication services and facilities.


Developed in synergy with the Negeri Sembilan government to attract foreign direct investment, it has already attracted key MNCs such as Hino, Nippon Kayaku, Daihatsu, Akashi Kikai and Messier Bugatti. This has not only enhanced the standing of STV and BSS as a whole, but is also serving to create new jobs for the surrounding populace.


Future growth and impact

Of the 5,233 acres BSS will occupy, Yap said that that some 3,532.5 acres have already been developed (including STV). Currently, work is still ongoing on 200.3 acres, leaving another 981.3 acres to be developed in the future before the earmarked full-completion date of 2020.

He expects STV to soon evolve into a major economic catalyst for the region, which in turn will enhance property values and business opportunities within BSS and attract more investors to the township. Early investors will likely stand to capitalise on maximum appreciation value.

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There will be no shortage of job opportunities in this expanding township. Apart from a burgeoning industry provided by STV and the spillover effect it will have on retail businesses, the township is also linked to other employment hubs such as MASKargo’s Advance Cargo Centre, Port Klang and the Nilai Inland Port.

In terms of the positive impact BSS will have on the Greater Klang Valley region, Yap said: “The township makes up part of an extensive network of urban interconnectivity in the area, with road and rail infrastructure linking major towns within the state, particularly Seremban, to the central Klang Valley hub. The new interchange along the North-South Highway [located before the Seremban/Labu toll] will eventually shorten the distance to BSS, while the proposed KLIA link and HSR station close to the township will make it a major growth centre.”

More than this, Yap said BSS will make a contribution on a national level by attracting foreign direct investment and creating jobs.

“STV has already attracted billions of ringgit, with multinational firms from China, Japan, Germany, France and the United Kingdom having already set up, or are in the midst of setting up, high-tech and high impact operations there,” he said.

“Let’s not forget that under the 11th Malaysia Plan, this region of Greater Klang Valley has been identified as one of the 12 National Key Economic Areas, which puts BSS in the heart of the country’s economic growth aspirations.”

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