Benchmark of urban growth: Bandar Sri Sendayan
BY Chris Prasad The Klang Valley’s inexorable southern growth trajectory has given rise to numerous real estate opportunities along a vibrant corridor that is destined to seamlessly connect the nation’s capital with the state capital of Negeri Sembilan. Commonly known as the Greater Klang Valley growth region, rapid conurbation... Read more
Aspen@Garden Residences brings the vacation home
  By Roznah Abdul Jabbar  Despite appreciating “home sweet home”, we still crave a vacation every now and then. However, if home is designed like a getaway destination, just like Aspen @ Garden Residence in Cyberjaya, this desire can be fulfilled almost every day. The resort-inspired homes is the... Read more
  BY Pavither Sidhu  One of the Klang Valley’s most sought-after addresses, Mont’ Kiara, will soon welcome a sterling addition to its range of affluent residential and commercial developments in the area. Offering 288 luxury condominium units with five layout designs to choose from, the 38-storey Sunway Mont Residences... Read more
Spacious, natural  and affordable
  BY Pavither Sidhu  In the past several years, places like Semenyih have experienced substantial population growth, ranging from 10 per cent to 25 per cent per annum, mainly as a result of better affordable housing options and improved connectivity. Many working professionals and young families are migrating from... Read more
Paradiso Nuova sets high benchmark in Medini
BY Kent Tan Affluent neighbourhoods in the country are often earmarked by opulent and grand structures, which ultimately provide a locale with iconic landmarks and become a source of national pride. Very often these benchmarks of the built environment invite the envy of the masses as they are only... Read more
Family-centric space at  Bandar Seri Coalfields
  BY Pavither Sidhu    Among the most common issues faced by growing families in the Klang Valley these days is a dearth of options when it comes to seeking a home that offers adequate living space at a decent price – preferably below the RM1 million mark. This... Read more
Water-enhanced living
BY Roznah Abdul Jabbar In the ancient days, water sources have always been the trigger points of settlements. Although this may no longer be necessary with the convenience of piped water systems, studies show that water does have a therapeutic effect and people who live near it have better... Read more
A skyline-changer  in the making
  BY Pavither Sidhu Malacca has attracted more than 12 million tourists in 2015 alone because of its strategic position between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, offering visitors easy access to a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To further unlock the potential of this historic city, the Chinese government has invested... Read more
Splendour in the heart of the city
  By Roznah Abdul Jabbar If Barbara Ras lived in Malaysia, she probably would be inspired to write her famous You Can’t Have It All poem based on the fact that Malaysians can’t have it all when choosing a place to live – either you opt for urban convenience... Read more
Astoria entices with price tag appeal in the CBD
  BY Pavither Sidhu Living in the heart of any major city in the world is considered a luxury enjoyed only by those who can buy bags imprinted with certain emblems without feeling any pinch. Likewise in Malaysia, a residence within the Kuala Lumpur City Centre is a privilege... Read more