KL’s white beacon  of pride
  BY Chris Prasad                                                                          PHOTOGRAPHY: Fazari Madehi When measuring the impact heritage buildings... Read more
The House of Democracy
BY Chris Prasad   In turbulent times, it is not uncommon for nations to look to the inspiring monuments they have built to find renewed strength, purpose and fortitude. In Malaysia, perhaps none stands more poignantly in this era of tribulations than the house our forefathers built to cradle our... Read more
Stairs that go  one step ahead
BY Pavither Sidhu No double-storey house is complete without one; in fact, it would be terribly inconvenient if it didn’t come with one. For better or worse, when you have two floors at your home, you simply have to deal with the staircase area. If treated right, it could... Read more
A state known for  its history
  BY Roznah Abdul Jabbar  In the name of progress, Malacca City too has not escaped the wave of urbanisation, with planned skyscraper and other modern edifices promising to reinvent its landscape. However, in its enthusiasm to be counted among other major hubs that drive the economy of this... Read more
BY Pavither Sidhu Home-grown interior specialists are stepping up their creativity in conceiving interpretations of modern contemporary designs that appeal to a range of buyer profiles. Fashioned by Metrics Global Sdn Bhd’s team of young designers, these local specialists with unconventional design approaches provided a glimpse of exemplary opulence... Read more
Lend a touch of style to your landscape
BY Roznah Abdul Jabbar To soften concrete jungles, municipalities often plant lots of trees and plants. Similarly, in urban homes especially, a nature-rich landscape is one way to take the edge off hard bricks and mortar. Contrary to what some people think, landscaping is more than simply placing a few... Read more
The attraction of east and west  at Opposite Place
HERITAGE   BY Richard Tan Despite the waves of modernisation, Malacca has retained its historical flavour through its preservation of ancient sites and buildings. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city has continued to attract tourists and travellers eager to explore the many emblems of the past.... Read more
German home solutions for local tastes
  BY Pavither sidhu The kitchen is often referred to as the heart or the nucleus of a home, where nourishing goodness is crafted and created for the family. Thus, it is important for the kitchen to be practical, durable, and more recently, also presentable. With the ever evolving... Read more
An ocean view that trumps them all
   BY Pavither Sidhu Picture a secret floating ocean lair for the rich and famous or perhaps for a super villain in a James Bond flick. It is a fantasy that is poised to become a reality just off the coast of Dubai where lavish floating villas, nicknamed “Floating... Read more
By Pavither Sidhu According to statistics, the average size of new houses in the United States of America is getting larger every year. This is strange when you consider population growth, diminishing land and current austerity measures being adopted around the globe. However, there are those in America who believe that you can do more... Read more