Rate cuts won’t help much
BY Roznah Abdul Jabbar The interest rate cut following the reduction of the Overnight Policy Rate (OPR), though seems to be good news for house buyers, will not contribute much to the market as the real problem is not the interest rate but the lending liquidity. According to Kenanga... Read more
Flattish market for a while, say industry experts
BY Roznah Abdul Jabbar The property market, especially the residential sector, will remain flat, not only in the second half of the year but for a period beyond it, said managing director of valuation firm, Khong & Jaafar Sdn Bhd, Elvin Fernandez. Speaking at the press conference at the... Read more
OPR reduction: is it really all good news?
  BY Roznah Abdul Jabbar  The recent cut on the Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) to three per cent from the previous 3.25 per cent is said to be a boost to the consumer sentiment and property market, although not significantly. However, not all agree on the scope of its... Read more
Signs of life in the second half
BY Chris Prasad After a subdued first half of the year, there are now indications that the second half might see greater market activity, particularly from developers that have thus far been sitting on the sidelines. Also timely is Bank Negara Malaysia’s (BNM) recent decision to cut the overnight... Read more
ATO blow to Aussie  property market
  BY Chris Prasad Australia’s position as a choice investment destination for Asian property seekers has come under threat following the introduction of a new ruling by the Australian Tax Office (ATO). The new ruling stipulates that for properties valued at more than AUS$2 million (RM6.06 million), 10 per... Read more
Southern expansion and the Puchong gateway
BY Chris Prasad By now, most Malaysians would have come to terms with the fact that the economy is not as healthy as it once was, and that it may take some time before we return to solid ground. Naturally, in the current environment of uncertainty, many of our... Read more
The scary truth about affordability
A QUESTION OF WHAT MALAYSIANS CAN (OR CAN’T) AFFORD IN 2016 BY Ernest Cheong In addition to the economic recession, there is no denying that the property bubble vis-à-vis the Malaysian property market has burst as evidenced by: i) Rapid increase in property prices from 2010 to 2014 ii)... Read more
TODs offer a silver lining
BY Chris Prasad  A deteriorating economy has severely diminished the lustre of our once vibrant property market, and yet, the property gurus tell us that there are still pockets of opportunity available for those who are vigilant. However, the “buy now or you’ll regret it later” mantra is quickly... Read more
Smart homes coming soon
  BY Pavither Sidhu    During our grandparents’ time, a swimming pool was considered a luxury only the super rich were privileged to enjoy. These days, it is usually the first-listed facility in any typical residential project. Looking forward, we wonder what extravagant features of today will become standard... Read more
Buy, but value first
By Roznah Abdul Jabbar Malaysians were recently served with another debate between certain politicians, leading some to give a second thought to the matter of home valuation, asking, “Do we know the value of a house before buying it?” The answer is yes, we should and would know the... Read more