Crafty co-working spaces Crafty co-working spaces
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BY Kate May

Technology is making connecting more human-centric than ever. At the same time, the revolution of co-working around the world is no longer following a straight path for co-working space owners, operators and even members of co-working spaces.

From spaces in revitalised abandoned buildings to utter luxury in prestigious addresses and everything in between,
co-working environment are in for interesting times.

Here are some crafty co-working spaces excerpted from Wallpaper magazine.


Oficinas Guateque, Mexico City

This property stretches a whole block that was previously a light factory. The interiors were stripped back and the space was segmented into a versatile working environment flexible for various styles of working. Aluminium and glass partitions, furniture pieces and natural dividers like plants make the space feel either open plan or private. Raw textures of the original concrete columns and exposed cinder block walls of the factory are key to the design creating a relaxed architectural style for creativity.


Central Working, London, UK

This place now buzzes with activity as companies work alongside each other. It was previously the entrance of a building that was wasted space occupied by only a reception desk. With commercial rents in the area rising, Central Working demonstrates the potential of transforming a formerly forgotten area into a thriving beautiful office environment. It appeals to the entrepreneurial crowd as it provides a vibrant mix of big companies and entrepreneurs to drive innovation and business growth.



Central Parade, London

This project saw the former 1960s office building of the same name reborn as a fresh cultural and creative enterprise hub. Central Parade is now home to retail and co-working spaces with meeting rooms, flexible event and exhibition areas, small “maker” shops for those who wish to pilot new products or services, and studio units for independent creative businesses.



Atrium, London

It seems that co-op working spaces quickly became the answer to flourishing businesses trying to find their feet, providing a desk, facilities and a network to nurture growth. But such co-working communities have evolved and have now become pivotal hubs for even fully-fledged businesses wanting the flexibility and benefits that come with a shared office environment. This new 84,000sq ft complex offers a wide range of facilities spread over four floors.


Soho Works, London

This is a 24/7 fully-serviced working environment for the modern mobile creative and for those looking for more permanent space. Walk in on an average weekday, from bar through table-tennis tables-turned work stations, through the restaurant and into the back lounge, everywhere there are opened laptops, shoulders hunched, fingers tapping and faces uplit by screens. Facilities here include meeting rooms, library, lounge and cafe, and a kitchen for those who want to prepare their own food. It also offers talks by professionals and one-to-one appointments with industry experts.


Spring Place, New York, US

Here, the co-working/member’s club goes beyond offering stylish work environs with an enviable zip code. It does one better by providing world-class concierge services, production and editing suites, a reference library, private catering and tech support at the ready to overcome any problems. All spread over an entire floor are tastefully designed boardrooms, executive suites, temporary showrooms and insulated conference call booths.


Kwerk, Paris, France



The 23,680sq ft building located in the French capital’s busiest district offers round-the-clock co-working space. The interior reflects multicultural influences with an ambience that’s part boutique hotel, part art gallery and includes a yoga studio. Eight velvet-curtained conference booths tiled with coloured cork bricks
provide privacy.

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