DBKL brings hammer down on public housing abusers DBKL brings hammer down on public housing abusers
Share this on WhatsAppThe misuse and abuse of public housing privileges has become a hot topic over the past year, with reports of units... DBKL brings hammer down on public housing abusers

The misuse and abuse of public housing privileges has become a hot topic over the past year, with reports of units under the people’s housing project (PPR) and public housing (PPA) being taken up by those above the qualifying bracket. Also, there are cases of successful applicants subsequently renting out units at high prices to generate a healthy income.

Neither of the above fits the purpose of such projects, which were initiated as government aid to lower income earners who are struggling to put roof over their heads. With over 60,000 waiting in line for accommodation in Kuala Lumpur alone, the situation is naturally igniting angry unrest among homeseekers who rightly deserve such units.

As such, KL city hall (DBKL) is sending a strong “enough is enough” message by intensifying efforts to weed out and take action against those who are abusing the system.

According to DBKL’s socio-economic development executive director Datuk Ibrahim Yusoff, the capital city will no longer tolerate perpetrators and it is currently acting on complaints and conducting raids to put a stop to widespread abuse of the social housing privilege.

The raids aim to put a stop to the abuse of housing privilege. (pic credit: barisannasional.org.my)

Ibrahim said earlier this week that the Federal Government initiated these programmes to help those from the lower income group, but there are many who do not appreciate this.

He said DBKL intends to “weed out” all wrong-doers by the end of the year.

“Surveys have been done on suspected offenders since last year and raids will be conducted every week,” he told the press this week.

Ibrahim said DBKL was especially vexed about those renting out units for amounts that are three or four times higher than the targeted monthly fee for struggling Malaysians.

“These offenders prevent other deserving cases from getting a place in PPR and PPA. Some tenants rent the units for RM120 but sublet them for RM500 to RM600. This is unfair to applicants who have been waiting for PPR and PPA for over a decade,” he told a local daily.

Ibrahim added that many of those waiting for units include people who have lost their homes to flood or fire, or even squatters that are facing relocation. This makes the situation especially unfair, which is why DBKL is now making a push to correct what many see as an injustice.

Taking a hard line, he said the rental agreements of those found flouting the law will be terminated. This is within regulations as it has been stipulated that beneficiaries of these schemes are not allowed to rent out their units.

Also, only registered applicants are allowed to stay in public a housing unit, which means we could see a spate of evictions in KL happening soon.

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