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BY Pavither sidhu

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart or the nucleus of a home, where nourishing goodness is crafted and created for the family. Thus, it is important for the kitchen to be practical, durable, and more recently, also presentable.

With the ever evolving advancements for kitchen solutions today, many home owners fork out a substantial amount to keep up with the latest trends by installing ultra-modern designs which, more often than not, focus on aesthetics rather than functionality.

04 The Häfele Bachelorette Kitchen

In meeting the need for a one-stop solution that provides practicality without comprising on quality and stylish design, Häfele Malaysia recently opened its Häfele Design Centre Kuala Lumpur in Damansara Utama, showcasing high quality products that extend beyond kitchen to furniture fittings, sanitary fittings, home appliances and accessories, architectural hardware and electronic locking systems.

Conceptualised by the general director of Häfele Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam, Dominik Fruth, the design centre is expected to draw brand presence locally and to inspire ideas for modern living solutions.


Speaking at the opening, Fruth said he sees a rising demand for exclusive home fittings from Malaysians. Therefore, it is only timely for Häfele Malaysia to open its first stand-alone design centre after establishing a network of kitchen studios, architects, planners and specialist interior designers since it made its way here in 1993.

The double-storey semi-detached lot showcases dream kitchens and wardrobes designed for exclusivity and reliability. Also on display at the 7,200sq ft design centre are individual components that improve the functionality of cabinets, doors, kitchens, bathrooms and other living environments catered to current demand and lifestyle.

Fruth said every product that Häfele offers is intelligently designed with functionality and safe operation to make life easier.


06 Stylish neat and highly functional dream Häfele wardrobe“With this design centre, customers can touch and feel our solutions,” he said.

“In the kitchen, whether it is storage, cleaning, preparation or cooking, Häfele’s contemporary designs are grounded in practicality. We combine German innovation with Malaysian kitchen requirements to deliver the ideal kitchen that eases life for end-users,” he added.

Häfele anticipates that the new design centre will open a new chapter of relationship and creative ideas directly with home owners and customers, as well as be an inspirational hub for partners.

It has invested RM1.8 million into the design centre. An additional RM900,000 has been spent to rejuvenate the Kota Kinabalu showroom which opened in 2001 and to establish a new showroom in Penang.

With the strong support of partners and customers, Häfele aims to continue to innovate towards fulfilling the demand for the perfect kitchen solutions.

01 Häfele Design Centre Kuala Lumpur

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