Getting buyers the digital way Getting buyers the digital way
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BY Kate May

Political and economic uncertainties in recent years have dampened buying activity in the local real estate industry.

Given that, Gapture Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a digital marketing agency and certified Google Partner, opines the traditional pull marketing strategy of “getting the customer to come to you” is not generating the desired volume of quality enquiries and deals.

The need to drive traffic from the right target users and filter potential prospects before they enquire therefore arises, it said in its report for the third quarter of 2016 on digital marketing for the real estate industry.

According to its research on online influence, 53 per cent of real estate transactions today are influenced by the internet.

Finding a home in Malaysia would mean searching online for information.

The search interest on the keywords “house”, “apartment” and “property” was noted in the country through the year 2015 based on Google Search Trends 2015.

Gapture Malaysia said an average of 22,400 monthly searches related to real estate happened on Google from July 2015 to June 2016.

This information is based on the search trend volume for the three keywords in Malaysia.

Of the 22,400 monthly searches, mobile devices accounted for 48.9 per cent (10,944 searches), computers 43.4 per cent (9,716) and tablets 7.8 per cent (1,740).

State-wise, Kuala Lumpur accounted for 43 per cent (9,634), Selangor 22.6 per cent (5,068), Johor 8.9 per cent (1,991), Penang 5.3 per cent (1,191), Sarawak 3.8 per cent (856) and other states 16.3 per cent (3,660).

In terms of smartphone usage in the country, Gapture Malaysia said smartphone penetration as a percentage of the total population is 35 per cent.

Meanwhile, smartphone users searching for local information via their phone accounted for 94 per cent, those researching products via their phone 91 per cent and those who have made a purchase via their phone 42 per cent.

On the results achieved, Gap Malaysia said a total of 13,591 leads was generated in the first six months of this year.

Of these, Gapture PerformanceAds generated 4,778 leads via Google AdWords at RM56.92 per lead. Facebook Ads generated 8,813 leads at RM34.77 per lead.

Gapture Malaysia’s top three clients are premier lifestyle developer Mah Sing Group Bhd, Tropicana Corporation Bhd and OSK Property Holdings Bhd.

The future of real estate marketing, according to inMotion Real Estate Media, a commercial real estate marketing and creative agency, is to effectively fuse real estate and property marketing strategy with new media and technology to create an integrated experience for customers across multi-channels and -platforms.

It also involves using qualitative and quantitative data to help make informed decisions.






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