Havoc Hartanah returns to educate the masses Havoc Hartanah returns to educate the masses
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BY Chris Prasad

Benjamin Franklin once said that an investment in education always pays the highest returns. This is the core philosophy that drives Havoc Hartanah, a property convention based on the simple (but important) premise that the market would be a fairer and more rewarding place if property seekers are better informed about available options, the latest trends, financing solutions, as well as their legal obligations and rights.

Now in its 10th edition since its inception in 2014, Havoc Hartanah is a corporate social responsibility programme by property consultancy Reconsult PLT and its partners that continues to push for a wider understanding of property ownership and investment by shedding light property law, financial planning, current economic factors, tax management, investment tips and hotspots for property investment via talks conducted by industry professionals and investment specialists.

Importantly, the convention is primarily conducted in the more widely spoken national language of Bahasa Malaysia, which helps overcome the knowledge-gap for a wider audience who may feel marginalised by English-dominated property information and literature.

According to founder and CEO of Reconsult PLT Rozalina Rahim, education continues to be the paramount theme at the latest edition of Havoc Hartanah, which has been designed to focus on current market challenges arising from property scams.

To be held at Wisma Sejarah in Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur, over the January 11 -12 weekend, the convention will discuss the environment of myths and misinformation that enables property scammers to prey on unsuspecting buyers, and how we can insulate ourselves from being victimised with a better grasp on property knowledge.

“There are currently many issues arising from property scamming activities that have sadly not been addressed despite tremendous public complaints. We look into these issues and help buyers, especially younger first-time buyers who are new to the market, identify the dangers so they do not become victims,” Rozalina said.

The key focus of the convention has always been empowerment through knowledge, says founder Rozalina Rahim.

She added that this was in line with one of Havoc Hartanah’s original goals, which is to guide a new generation of Gen Y buyers to invest in property “the right way”, so that they are well informed on the “dos and don’ts” and avoid falling into the trap of unnecessary debt.

“You don’t need to have a lot of money to get on to the property ladder, but you do need a good plan and you must be armed with correct information so you can make informed decisions.  That’s why we have put together an exciting panel of knowledgeable and powerful speakers for the upcoming Havoc Hartanah weekend, and I sincerely hope property seekers will come and take full advantage of this,” Rozalina said.

Speakers for the event include a collection professionals and successful property investment gurus such as Director of BNI Wan Adli, property lawyer-turned-technopreneur Elizabeth Siew, executive director of BNI Monetising networks Syireen Rose, popular blogger Charles Tan, Khalil Adis of Penganalisis Hartanah fame, founder of Dubai-based Unstoppable Millionaire Academy Tahir Hussain, Zero to Hero investor Afiqah Nabilah, Max Shankar from International Property and Abu Awang (a.k.a Mekanik Wang) of Motovasi Wang fame. There will also be a surprise guest during the convention, which Havoc Hartanah describes as a person with the “Midas Touch”.

In addition to the talks, the convention will host a Q&A session with the panel of speakers, an exclusive property exhibition by event sponsors, a free advisory counter by property experts and financial consultants, as well as food and beverages that will be served during the event.

Running from 8am to 6pm this Saturday and Sunday, Rozalina pointed out that Havoc Hartanah is also one of the most affordable property conventions of its type, at just RM50 for a one-day ticket and RM90 for the entire weekend (food will be provided 3 times a day).

“It’s the only CSR-based property convention without the shroud of upselling, and we pride ourselves in selecting the best speakers with genuine real-life experiences to share,” she explained.

Rozalina added that because of its affordability, keen participants need to be quick to secure their spot at Havoc Hartanah. As such, she advised that a convenient way to get an instant ticket is to log on to today.

For more information on the event, property enthusiasts can also call the organiser Reconsult PLT at +6014 8778 402 or +6011 1069 4043.

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