Indoor vs outdoor venues for events Indoor vs outdoor venues for events
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Ultimately, choosing the right venue sets the tone for an entire event.

There are many factors which play a part in selecting the right venue and there are many factors to consider when deciding on an indoor or an outdoor venue.

While the time of the year does not affect those of us who reside and are planning an event in sunny or rainy KL, our concerns usually revolve around it being too hot or too wet. Indoor venues provide the security of a roof over the head in case of an unexpected downpour while an outdoor event will guarantee a magical atmosphere like no other indoor venue can provide.

Regardless of which you choose, both choices come with its own set of perks and disadvantages. Weighing out all the differences may be the best thing to do in order to select the best fit for your event. In addition, it is important to know what is essential to you and your guests and the nature of the event.

An indoor venue offers temperature control and is usually fully air-conditioned. Having full control of the temperature ensures event attendees remain comfortable throughout the event.

Indoor venues also come with lights installed and power outlets to set up necessary electronics including AV facilities and everyday gadgets such as laptops and mobile phones which are essential in today’s business. In addition, indoor venues will most likely have WiFi available for guests. If you are planning a meeting or a business related event which requires connectivity, it is best to stick to an indoor venue.

For more intimate occasions like weddings and parties, indoor venues offer the freedom and flexibility of personalization. Completely transform a venue by decorating the space to best suit a theme to create the atmosphere and ambience of your choice.

Having four walls and high ceilings is great for decoration purposes but it also means that controlled spaces come with a maximum capacity and indoor venues will not be able to accommodate a crowd larger than it is designed for.

On the other hand, most outdoor venues offer unlimited seating. Take for example our stadiums and the number of concerts that have been held. Stadiums are known for more than just major sporting events and its increased use by concert organisers will see that the economic case for such an operation is compelling.

Wide open spaces are also highly versatile, whether it is a wedding or a corporate function. Daytime events will be showered with the natural lighting and a scenic backdrop making outdoor venues to be naturally atmospheric.

With minimal décor needed, outdoor venues allow guests to embrace nature and its landscape. Besides, photographers swear by the golden hour rule which is applied to any type of outdoor photography. Nothing quite illuminates a photo better than the way the golden hour does.

It is best to have a contingency plan in case of inclement weather as no one can anticipate the rain. If the venue does not provide a plan B, it is best to rent a marquee to ensure your guests have shade. This will, in turn, increase your cost significantly. Take into consideration costs involving portable air coolers if you want your guests to stay cool under a possible scorching hot day.

Another important drawback is creepy crawlies as part of your uninvited guest list. There can never be adequate precautionary measures to completely eliminate insects and bugs if the event is held outdoors. While fogging is an option, it will not eradicate the problem entirely.

However, there are venues which offer the best of both worlds which feature both an indoor and outdoor space available for events. These venues are ideal for couples who are looking to host both their ceremony and reception in the same locale.

Ciao Ristorante located along Jalan Kampung Pandan offers spaces within its restaurant including its canopy outdoor area which overlooks a golf course for hosting weddings, product launches and other events up to 300 people.

Zell V located in Taman Seputeh has a dreamy rooftop outdoor space which offers a stunning view of the city’s skyline and is ideal for networking sessions and parties and an indoor glass house, Skyloft just in case it rains. 

At the end of the day, a successful event is one where every person involved leaves the event feeling satisfied. If it is a wedding you are planning, ensure both you and your beau’s needs are met. If it is a corporate event, contented bosses, colleagues and clients are key. My best advice is to weigh out all options with the planners and make an informed decision accordingly.


Ravena Hundal is the Content Director for Venuescape, a Malaysian-based venue sourcing platform for events. For more information, visit

Ravena Hundal

Ravena Hundal is Content Director for Venuescape, a Malaysian-based venue sourcing platform for events. For more information, visit