Splendour in the heart of the city Splendour in the heart of the city
Share this on WhatsApp  By Roznah Abdul Jabbar If Barbara Ras lived in Malaysia, she probably would be inspired to write her famous You... Splendour in the heart of the city


Kota Semarak marries the elements of urban convenience, accessibility and lush greenery at a single address.

Kota Semarak marries the elements of urban convenience, accessibility and lush greenery at a single address.

By Roznah Abdul Jabbar

If Barbara Ras lived in Malaysia, she probably would be inspired to write her famous You Can’t Have It All poem based on the fact that Malaysians can’t have it all when choosing a place to live – either you opt for urban convenience in the concrete heart of the city, or you choose healthy green surroundings far beyond city limits.

One option is ideal for nurturing a career, the other for nurturing a family, but never the twain shall meet, right? Not necessarily, as Malaysian Resources Corporation Bhd (MRCB) is proving with its up-and-coming integrated mixed development project in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city.


Demonstrating that “all” is indeed within reach, the Kota Semarak development being undertaken by the group’s property arm, MRCB Land, aims to provide KLites a much-vaunted lifestyle, marrying the elements of  urban convenience, accessibility and lush greenery in a single address.

Strategically located on 27.41 acres of prime land along Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra (formerly known as Jalan Semarak), the project with an approximate gross development value of RM3 billion is envisioned to be  a new urban city within KL City Centre, offering a modern urban living environment by integrating meticulously planned commercial, residential, lifestyle shopping mall and leisure components.

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More importantly, the project will  be surrounded by the existing 25-acre DBKL Recreational Park, which MRCB Land will take the initiative to upgrade  with facilities to serve the residents and nature lovers in the vicinity.

The aim is to provide an ideal haven for urban residents to enjoy natural surroundings, an outlet to reduce the stress of city work culture and an opportunity to enjoy a better quality of life. To MRCB’s credit, this is being achieved not only for the benefit of Kota Semarak’s residents, but also all those who live within the vicinity of the park.

To be built in three phases, the multi-component development will comprise   serviced apartments, SoHos, shop offices and a shopping mall.

The first phase of the project, dubbed The Padang, is expected to be launched by the end of this year. It will offer four towers comprising 1,226 apartment units ranging in built-up sizes of 800sq ft to 1,200sq ft.


Attractively priced from RM500,000 (indicatively), apartments at The Padang come in four layout choices that offer either two or three bedrooms. Under this phase, the developer will also release three storeys of shop office units.

The Padang will also feature a five-acre lifestyle deck that houses facilities such as a gymnasium, infinity pool, floating lounge, event lawn, multi-purpose hall, par course, scented garden, indoor and outdoor play area for children, BBQ deck, a basketball court, a futsal court and a karaoke room.


According to MRCB Land, The Padang is purposefully conceptualised and designed to endow residents with a safe and healthy environment; a place where people of all ages can mingle and expand their social networking.

More significantly, the developer wants to create a space where good old-fashioned Malaysian values are revived, but in a modern and convenient setting.

“Overall, Kota Semarak is a blend of city buzz and homely values… where life finds balance and harmony,” said an MRCB spokesperson.

“The project will suit buyers who are looking for an address that will not only offer access to the dazzling city life, but also a quiet and peaceful oasis within a lively urban setting, so they can unwind.

“It is suitable for young professionals, newly married couples and upgraders who want to have quality time with their families after a long day at work.”


The development site on Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra offers easy access to DUKE Expressway via exit 3304 Persimpangan Semarak KL. It is also a mere 3km away from the KLCC commercial and shopping hub.

In an age where skyrocketing prices have made many properties and lifestyle options seem unattainable, Kota Semarak’s attractively priced residential units and appealing lifestyle proposition presents buyers with a remarkably enticing opportunity.


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