Stairs that go  one step ahead Stairs that go  one step ahead
Share this on WhatsAppBY Pavither Sidhu No double-storey house is complete without one; in fact, it would be terribly inconvenient if it didn’t come... Stairs that go  one step ahead

BY Pavither Sidhu

No double-storey house is complete without one; in fact, it would be terribly inconvenient if it didn’t come with one. For better or worse, when you have two floors at your home, you simply have to deal with the staircase area. If treated right, it could be the centrepiece of your interior living space, if treated wrong, it could just be an eyesore.

Traditionally, stairs are simple things, designed to serve one purpose: get you to higher ground. But in this age of space efficiency, the stairwell and the space under it have been maximised to be used as functional spaces. Sadly, to some, this translates into “somewhere to stash my junk”.

Those with taste, however, use the opportunity to deck it out with ornate trimmings, adding wood, plush carpeting, fancy bannisters and such. The secret to making it work for you is a good balance between form and function.

Here are a few examples of how you can take your staircase a couple steps further by incorporating some incredible design features to enhance its look, feel and purpose.

Space Under The Stairs

The decorative details in this staircase look like fancy embellishments, but really they open up to a world of wondrous spaces where you can tuck away much of your junk.

Space Under The Stairs



Tree staircase

Many staircases are made of wood, but most don’t capture the spirit of the tree like this one.

The Tree Staircase


Store-Everything stairs

Knick-knacks, books, coffee mugs and shoes all find a place on this set of stairs. Those who walk down or up must watch their step though!

Store-Everything Stairs


Slide and stairs all in one

This staircase with an adjacent slide makes the kids that live here feel like they have the coolest house in town!

Slide And Stairs All In One

Brilliantly bright stairs

What a brilliant way to bring the bright sunshine indoors! The only issue with painting parts of your home yellow is that the colour yellow is proven to make people hungry (that’s why McDonald’s uses it so fluidly in their restaurants and campaigns). In other words, if you’re trying to stick to a diet, a yellow staircase might not be the best idea.

Brilliantly Bright Stairs

Book lovers paradise

Running out of places to store your ever-growing collection of books? You don’t have to give in and purchase an e-reader or start storing your books on the ‘cloud.’ Instead, just install these rather convenient staircases with enough room for all of your favourite novels and more!

Book Lovers Paradise


Northampton staircase

These stairs look more like the bones of a large cybernetic being than a means to travel upwards.

Northampton Staircase1 Northampton Staircase2

“Rusty” stairs

These stairs are crafted to look so natural (and alive) they appear to be breaking the house apart at the seams. Instead, this incredible work of art is sturdy enough to serve as a pretty awesome set of stairs.

“Rusty” Stairs


Timber strip appeal

Is that a funky coloured slide, or a set of extremely modern stairs? You be the judge.

Timber Strip Staircase 1 Timber Strip Staircase 2

Flower power staircase 

For the flower lover in all of us, these stairs are simply stunning! Very little storage value though.

Flower Power Staircase 1


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