Germany begins to sparkle as an investment destination
For decades, the outlook towards the German property scene has been similar to the stereotype attached to the Country’s football team: efficient, dependable, structured… boring. Recent years have seen a renaissance of flair and showmanship in German football, endowing it with considerably more life and excitement, and a World... Read more
Chinese buyers up the ante in UK following Brexit
Suddenly, all that wailing and gnashing of teeth seems like it was all for naught. While Brexit remains an incendiary word for many on the British Isles, 19 months after the historic vote the property market (at least) can claim that it isn’t really feeling the pinch. In fact,... Read more
Education a critical driver of prime housing market
FOR THOSE WHO CAN AFFORD IT, THE REAL McCOY IS STILL THE PREFERRED CHOICE ALTHOUGH FRANCHISED VERSIONS OF RENOWNED UK SCHOOLS HAVE OPENED IN ASIA AND THE MIDDLE EAST BY Zoe Phoon Good schools are a key driver of the housing market and their presence often helps to drive... Read more
Why London real estate can flourish beyond Brexit
BY Chris Prasad In the ever-heated debate about London’s future in the post Brexit era, where arguments range between wild optimism and apocalyptic pessimism, Knight Frank’s assessment of the situation comes as a breath of fresh air – simply because there is common sense thrown into the mix. From... Read more
Middle East investors swoop in on UK property
Barely three weeks after the historic Brexit vote and already property predators are hovering over Britain’s capital city, eager to pounce on any available opportunity resulting from the fallout of the European Union exit and its impact on the property market. According to international real estate consultant Cluttons, chief... Read more
UOB puts London loans on ice after Brexit
 In yet another sign of the far-reaching consequences of Brexit, United Overseas Bank (UOB), Singapore’s No. 3 lender, became the first bank in the city-state to suspend its loans programme for London properties. According to a report by Reuters, the move was made in the wake of uncertainties brought... Read more
Brexit: ramifications should not be understated
BY Chris Prasad In the week following the United Kingdom’s historic decision to exit the European Union, economists the world over have rushed in to calm the situation. Indeed, there is much calming to be done, as “Brexit” (as it is popularly referred to) represents a major shift in... Read more
Brexit – boon or bane for  Malaysian investors?
  In the lead up to the impending European Referendum, economists are predicting that real estate investments in London will be affected if Britain leaves the European Union (Brexit), particularly Malaysian investors, being the third largest Asian investment block in the British property market in 2014-2015. This is further... Read more