Technology poised to overhaul real estate industry
BY Chris Prasad This may sound drastic, but if you are a real estate negotiator, a brokerage clerk or a telemarketer, it’s time to look for a new job or invest into a new skill set. Why? Because technological advancements and changing buyer behaviour are likely to make your... Read more
EcoWorld targets RM4b sales in 2016
Buoyed by strong sales so far this year and positive response to its maiden offering at the much-anticipated Bukit Bintang City Centre development, EcoWorld Development Group Bhd is confident that it will meet its sales target of RM4 billion in FY2016. According to the company, it has already garnered... Read more
Suffer the youth

Suffer the youth

ViewPoint April 5, 2016

We have been more than a little unfair on young property buyers across the country. In fact, I believe we’ve royally shafted them. When I say “we”, I mean the “collective we”; developers, politicians, banks, and yes, the media. Basically, I’m pointing the finger at all of us that... Read more
Are foreign graduates better?
  BY Roznah Abdul Jabbar The comparison between local and foreign graduates did not start yesterday. In fact, it has been a regular quandary in just about every industry in Malaysia for some time, but does the argument hold water – that those who have crossed oceans are better... Read more
Time to look beyond our noses
(Originally published: Oct 2015) BY Gunaprasath Bupalan Excitedly, I accepted an invitation to be a panel speaker at the recent Urban Transportation Forum that was organised by the Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI). Adding to my excitement was that fact that the discussion was to be centred on... Read more
BY Chris Prasad Some trepidation is seeping into the property industry with news circulating that we could soon lose a sizeable portion of our Ultra High Nett Worth Individuals (UHNWI), who may be seeking to live in greener pastures on foreign shores. Naturally, this will be a bitter pill... Read more
Career paths in property clear despite murky economy
    BY Pavither Sidhu With the country’s economy showing no signs of immediate recovery in 2016, many employees in Malaysia are naturally becoming concerned about job security. Compounding this fear are recent horror stories about the massive cuts made by multinational oil and gas companies as well as by... Read more