Industry pleads with banks to ‘ease up’
BY Chris Prasad The plea for financial institutions to ease up on their current stringent housing loan application process and low approval rate is getting louder and louder, especially among industry professionals who say the prolonged tough loan climate is becoming detrimental to the property sector and the economy... Read more
Unpaid and poor repayment of National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) loans have deterred many homebuyers from obtaining a housing loan. A number of new graduates have been unsuccessful in their loan appliations as many have not serviced their PTPTN loans at all or for months and their records... Read more
Auction market to fire up
BY Chris Prasad While rising non-performing loan (NPL) figures do not paint a pretty picture for the overall economy, some property market experts predict that there could be an unintentional positive flipside to the situation. Industry professionals engaged in the secondary market believe that the threat of increased loan... Read more
Fomca: NUBE’s interest-free loan proposal should be emulated
  The Federation of Malaysian Consumers  Associations (Fomca) has not only backed the National Union of Bank Employees’ (NUBE) plan of interest-free housing loans for its members in the middle- and lower-income segments, it also urges other industries in the private sector to follow suit. According to Bernama, Fomca... Read more