Mistakes to avoid when upsizing
Housing needs can change such as it is easy for a family to outgrow a home. Upsizing by extending an existing home or selling it to move to a larger one will likely involve refinancing your home loan and most people will be looking at a larger mortgage and... Read more
Klang Valley hotspots for first time buyers
“The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” – Maya Angelou. Shelter. A safe space. A place to call home. Your own little corner in this vast, unforgiving world. Everybody wants to have a... Read more
Renovations and how  to avoid shoddy work
The contractors and renovations marketplace can be daunting. Coupled with your lack of knowledge and experience, you may find yourself living with flaky walls and leaky bathrooms. This article is about basic home renovations and what you need to know about priming, flooring and air-conditioning. Having a good coat... Read more
Can Malaysians living overseas apply for a local loan?
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4 things you should know about high-rise living
High-rise residential units have become the most popular residential choice over the last decade. Other than the lifestyle conveniences they provide, buyers are motivated into strata living because land scarcity and hefty price tags for landed properties have made it the most viable course towards homeownership. Likewise, developers have... Read more
Applying for a loan if you are self employed
A self-employed person, be it a freelancer, a consultant or artist, faces challenges in obtaining a home loan due to the fluctuating nature of their income sources. This article highlights some useful tips, which a self employed person can implement to successfully secure a bank loans. While you may... Read more
Can you trust your real estate agent?
AN ARTICLE BY:   These days, there is hardly a home purchase done without the aid of a real estate agent. Having a real estate agent as an intermediator can provide the seller with immeasurable convenience and vital protection to both parties. Having an agent means house owners will... Read more
Save energy,  save money
BY Basreena S. The term “going green” is so widespread that it has become the current “it” factor in residential projects. These sustainable efforts are not just kind to the environment but also to our pockets as they promise lower utility bills, not to mention greater comfort. So how... Read more
Broken hopes and dented dreams
A dream home can turn into an absolute nightmare if due diligence is not practiced BY Roznah Abdul Jabbar So, you have gone through the whole process of purchasing your dream home and finally you received the keys. To your dismay, you discovered several defects in the property. Do you... Read more
10 reasons why you shouldn’t be left out of the real estate game
BY Chris Prasad  Yes, it is expensive. Yes, rising prices are putting it far beyond reasonable reach. And yes, in the current economic climate, it may seem like too big a risk. Yet, those who have benefited from the spoils of a sound property investment swear that it is still... Read more