The secret to spotting rising value
Prices are sky high! No matter how many times you’ve heard it said, this statement never fails to make you shudder – especially if you have not secured a permanent home for your family. Of course, once you have made a purchase, news of rising prices will be seen... Read more
More than meets the eye
BY Roznah Abdul Jabbar For most Malaysians, the first factor to consider in property buying is the price. For the uninitiated, there is only one thing to look at – the monthly instalment for the home loan. As long as you can commit to that amount, you should be fine,... Read more
Bad eggs make lives hard
BY Prisca Teh    You may rant and rave over an unpalatable plate of chicken rice, but you won’t refuse to settle the bill, even if you left it unfinished. By simple code of ethics, no respectable person would dodge payment for any services rendered or products purchased. However, the... Read more
Is home protection worth the cost?
As with all insurances, property insurance does not reduce the risk of damage to your home. There is nothing monthly premiums paid can do to stop a fire, flooding or theft, but it can certainly help by putting you in a better financial position to deal with the aftermath... Read more
Left to pick up the pieces
  THE CURSE OF ERRANT CONTRACTORS BY Prisca Teh Leonard Lin (not his real name) was exultant when he secured a double-storey terrace in Sri Petaling. It was ideal because it gave him easy access to his workplace and was located near his parents and his wife’s business. Though... Read more
THREE things property  agents DON’T tell you
  BY Kent Tan As property investment gains popularity in Malaysia, more and more people and hopping onto the bandwagon, hoping to reap some returns either through rental or the future resale of the property, or both. However, despite its popularity, many are unaware of some underlying rules of... Read more
Avoid the perils as  you enjoy the perks
   BY Kent Tan   One of the most lucrative passive incomes aspired by many is reaping monthly rentals. Though the “occupation” seems as easy as eating a burger, it is not all rainbow and sunshine, as it comes with its fair share of hazards and risks just like any... Read more
Career paths in property clear despite murky economy
    BY Pavither Sidhu With the country’s economy showing no signs of immediate recovery in 2016, many employees in Malaysia are naturally becoming concerned about job security. Compounding this fear are recent horror stories about the massive cuts made by multinational oil and gas companies as well as by... Read more
By Ernest Cheong For many adult Malaysians, at some point in their journey towards achieving their life-long ambition of owning a property, be it for investment or for self-occupation, whether it is a house, condominium, apartment or shop, they will inevitably require the services of a valuer. Who is a valuer? What... Read more
How to spot profitable rental properties
There is a marked difference between buying a property for your own use and buying one for investment. From the first decision to invest in real estate to actually buying your first rental property, there is a lot of work to be done. For many first-time investors the task may initially seem daunting; owning... Read more