LOOK before you LEAP

LOOK before you LEAP

Protips January 22, 2016

Ask any seasoned property investor and they will invariably tell you that there is no better way to start investing in property than to simply “start”. Following this, you will probably get a few one-liners thrown at you. Such as: “You can achieve financial freedom through property investment” or “It’s the best way to hedge against... Read more
What you need to know about CCRIS
For those familiar with this five letter abbreviation, it might as well spell N-A-S-T-Y. For those unfamiliar, well it’s high time you get acquainted because it might explain why your application for a loan is being thrown into a trash can. The truth is, many people only have a... Read more
Addressing the biggest questions about valuation
By Ernest Cheong Why would the Bank still want to have a property I intend to buy valued by a panel valuer when the seller and I have already agreed on a purchase price? Whilst the Bank accepts that the Borrower and the Seller have agreed on the Purchase Price, because it is the... Read more