Preserving Heritage with Fresh Purpose Preserving Heritage with Fresh Purpose
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History resonates vividly at Sentul Depot. Standing at the centre of this massive complex, which once stood among the finest integrated railway engineering workshops in the world, you can almost hear the echoes of its illustrious past.

It is easy to imagine a cacophony of steam and diesel engines rolling into the main warehouse area, the clang of busy tools bouncing off brick and steel walls, and the buzz of 7,500 workers that crowded the vicinity in its heyday.

Historic Sentul Depot is synonymous with the foundation of the surrounding township.

Established over a century ago, the history of what was once called the Central Railway Workshop is synonymous with the foundation of the surrounding Sentul township, which began life as a humble and hardworking railway community.

By the time it ceased operations at the turn of the century, Sentul Depot had provided continuous employment for three generations of Sentul residents from those who built British railway lines at the apex of the empire, to those who helped build an integrated network for modern Malaysia.

“Sentul Depot is more than just an icon of the past, it is an enduring monument to the birth and spirit of a community we proudly call home, through our rejuvenation efforts at Sentul East and Sentul West,” explained YTL Land & Development director Yeoh Pei Teeng.

Yeoh said that any plan  to bring enhancement to the Sentul landscape was always going to pay due reverence to the historical Sentul Depot site, as the goal has always been to preserve the rich and colourful heritage of the area by infusing it with fresh purpose.

Already, the repurposing of an old administrative into a sales office and gallery, as well as the ongoing conversion of another building into co-working office facility, speaks of YTL Land’s enthusiasm to retain the charm of the past. Nearby, the KL Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC) stands as a definitive example of successful reimagination, where an old sawmill and warehouse now serves as a popular performing arts centre.

“With Sentul Depot, however, there is an opportunity to achieve something different and vibrant, whilst paying tribute to the site and creating a focal point to celebrate urban pulse, culture and community spirit,” Yeoh said.

As part of YTL Land’s rejuvenation masterplan for Sentul West, the next few years will see the transformation of Sentul Depot into a prime lifestyle destination in KL. Taking inspirations from famous heritage destinations such New York’s Meat Packing District and Xintiandi in Shanghai, the site will be regenerated into a modern facility for events, while retaining every inch of its rustic charm.

The spacious 200,000 sq ft vicinity is being re-sculpted as an ideal venue for open markets, corporate functions, arts and fashion showcases and even concerts. To create further pulse and lure, specific sections of Sentul Depot will be enhanced to create a fitness zone, an indoor venue for smaller events and a dedicated area for exciting F&B options to serve functions as well as a regular stream of guest.


Boosting this prospect is the fact that Sentul Depot is conveniently accessible to most KL-ites because of its proximity to LRT, KTM and upcoming MRT lines as well as major highways.

These factors have already drawn attraction to Sentul Depot. Even in its raw state, it has hosted exhilarating events such as vibrant bazaars, festive celebrations, yoga workshops and, more recently, a concert featuring Craig David.

“Rejuvenated to serve as a prime lifestyle and cultural destination, Sentul Depot is endowed with renewed and meaningful purpose. By keeping its doors open to creative collaborations, it serves to promote a fundamental gathering of people and a strong sense of community, while raising the overall profile of Sentul in the process,” said Yeoh.

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